There's been lots of snuggling in our house lately! Lots of cuddle time wrapped up in blankets on the couch. I'm officially tired of winter, and I think the kids are also! While I am feeling a little stir-crazy, I've totally been enjoying the time, keeping my kids close and warm. Sometimes it's nice to have things slow down a little and just enjoy our time together. Even the kitties have been snuggling up sleeping for extended hours...well longer than their "normal" extended sleeping.

We've also been busy crafting handmade Valentine's for everyone in the family. The bigger kids have had a great time doing this and they are getting to practice their writing skills too. Each Valentine has a special message and drawing.

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andrea creates said...

Oh me too.
Our heater has busted for the 2nd time this season and with snow coming I'm anxiously awaiting their call!
Stay warm :)