Little L is turning three this weekend. Three! I can't believe three years has passed already since they placed him in my arms. He was such a sweet, mellow baby. He slept most of the time as an infant. We all laugh that he was just saving up his energy. He woke up one day and flipped the switch. He's the most energetic, physical little boy!

He's so imaginative, silly and sweet. There is such a sweet heart behind all the energy. He has this little mischievous twinkle in his eyes that never leaves. On a good day, I love, love, love it. On a bad day, it's almost enough to drive this mama insane. The good outweigh the rough days though.

At three, you love batman, running, jumping, dancing and anything dangerous. You linger before getting in the car each & every morning to take your sister to school. That linger is just long enough to let you get covered in mud, fall in a puddle, or find something "interesting" to get into. You love tea and chocolate milk-not at the same time. You still twirl your hair while drinking your milk. I wonder if that habit will follow you through life as a relaxing, coping mechanism. You alternate between a batman, superman and a cowboy shirt several times each day, sometimes by the hour.

I love you more that the stars, my sweet, sweet boy! Happy Birthday.

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Colleen said...

Oh my gosh, I remember when he was born! Time FLIES! Happy birthday little L. He looks like such a sweetie. You have the most beautiful family! :)