tea for three

A nice quiet morning with tea. A little love in a cup. I received an awesome flowering tea set and new heart shaped tea cups for my birthday last month. They have gotten so much use for only being here a few short weeks. I'm LOVING these cups-the heart shaped liquid makes me smile every time!

I love including the boys in our tea parties. A little time to relax and reflect on the rhythm of our day. We sit and talk and enjoy our drinks, sometimes just water for the littler kids. I think it's really important to include the boys. Boys enjoy tea just as much as my daughter, just as much as running and wrestling. I think the time is extra special with Little {L}, who tends to lean towards more physical activities 98% of the time. I hate gender stereotypes and try really hard to raise the kids equally. Equal choice, opportunity and education! So grab some flavored tea, a few cups and spend some time with those sons!

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Colleen said...

We are SUCH big tea drinkers in our house, even all the men. It's nice when we put on a pot to boil and even my little nephews yell "it's time for tea! tea party!" and they get into the spirit too. It's just nice to sit and unwind with your loved ones with a hot cup in your hands. So nice that your family can enjoy it too!