I've been thinking about all the thinks I am thankful for lately. With the holiday's fast approaching, it's always a time I spend doing some personal reflection. It's interesting how much the "thing" I appreciate have changed over the years! There are many things that I thank the heavens for that never would have occurred to me pre-kids days. Here's a few things I am currently appreciating:
  • Shiny, red, little girl shoes! Little Miss {M} has always had really wide feet and it's always a LONG trial finding shoes that fit each season. This fall she had her heart set on shiny, red fancy shoes. I cringed when I heard what she was looking for, not because I didn't want her to have them, but at the the sheer chance of finding some that fit her-in a normal price range. The first store we walked into, the shoes called to her. They fit, and at a $4 price, I couldn't believe it! She wakes up each morning and puts them on her feet smiling. For a few days she had some blisters, instead of not wearing them, she wore them on the wrong feet, so they would not sub. -sigh- How sweet are little girls?
  • Naptime! Ohh naptime, how I cherish you with our spirited third child. You save my sanity several times a week!
  • Our furry family members. They always manage to cheer me up with their silliness and never ending love. They are a special part of the family

  • A warm and happy home to raise my children in! While it may not be the biggest, newest or fanciest, the amount of love found here makes it the best!
  • Children who think for themselves and question everything! Great little minds are growing stronger each and everyday!

What are you thankful for lately?

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Christopher And Tia said...

I want little red shoes for my Eleanore!! She has some "ok" looking brown mary janes, but, nothing too fancy. I need to get her a cute little girl Christmas outfit soon, maybe I'll be able to find some little red shoes for her while I do that. And of course I'll be thinking of you and this post while I'm looking, hehe.

I'm thankful to have my husband with us this holiday season. I know there are a lot of other military families that aren't so lucky this time of year- and dangit, you just inspired yet another blog post for me. I'm just going to stop over here when I need inspiration from now on, haha.