Lately I have been really prepared for things. It's funny because it's come after a several months long spell, of unprepared chaos in the house! It feels nice to seem to have things under control again. I spent the morning preparing for our Thanksgiving.

This will be the first year that my husband is joining us in an ALL Vegetarian feast. While me and the children are vegetarians, my husband is not. Usually we have family coming in to visit, so we make the typical American Thanksgiving food-turkey. With no one else to eat it, he has decided to skip it this year. I was really excited and wanted to prepare a few new dishes to help make it "easier" for him.

While we have some of the normal Thanksgiving staples, we also have several foods that we always make [carrot pudding], this year we are added a stew served with couscous, mashed turnips [which the kids actually love!], berry soup and a bananas cinnamon cake to the menu. Mmmmmm, yummy!

Our fridge packed full of healthy goodness!

I decided to make 3x the stew and turnips we would eat. I froze the rest for quick, healthy and easy meals throughout the next few months. I love making big batches of food and just reheating it later! It really adds almost no time to the cooking, just a few extra minutes to cut up the veggies and spices.

I was so lucky to have 3 little helpers today. The kids are really excited about helping prepare the food this year. I have been making them carrot pudding for Thanksgiving since they were born, this year they started asking if we were going to have it-weeks ago! It felt really great that it has become a "family tradition" food for the holiday.

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