Zoo Lights

We visited the Columbus Zoo for our annual zoo lights trip over the weekend. The trip had a rough start this year! Our van has been running poorly for weeks, but we decided to take a chance and drive to the zoo [about 25 minutes away]. Everything seemed to be going fine until we got about 10 minutes from the zoo. The traffic was so bad that it took up over an hour to make it to the parking lot from this point. It was inch by inch driving, {L} was screaming and the bigger kids whining away! Then the van started running SUPER bad and I was sure it was going to break down right in the middle of traffic causing a riot among the cars trapped behind us. In my head I pictured people yelling at us with anything, but Christmas spirit.

Luckily, that scene only played out in my head and we arrived, a little frazzled, but there! The kids had the greatest time. The zoo had several brand new displays this year and it was like being a kid again for me. {L} was so excited to be able to walk around like a big boy with us[not buckled into the stroller] that he didn't even try to run away once-a first for him!

All three children decorated cookies with Mrs. Claus, the highlight of the trip. The cookies were actually pretty gross tasking, but the kids said they were DELICIOUS! Lots of sprinkles and globs of frosting always equals tasty to kids!

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Christopher And Tia said...

You know, I've never been to a zoo lights type thing? I've always wanted to go, especially when I lived in Portland, but it just never happened. I don't think our zoo here does zoo lights, and if it does, it probably wouldn't be anything worth going to see. Our zoo is teeny tiny, in a nice intimate way.

I remember gross tasting cookies like that were always the BEST when I was little.

I'm glad your van didn't break down :)