Thing 1 & Thing 2

Halloween was so fun this year! The older kids were excited all day waiting for trick-r-treat and Littlest Giant was just big enough to go around with his brother and sister. The first few houses, he was confused, but by about the fifth he was tumbling himself out of the wagon and racing to the door with his treat bucket in his hand. It got so heavy by the end of the night he could not list it. Instead of letting us help him, he opted for dragging it along!

Mr {D} and Little Miss {M} were adorable in their Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes! They have really gotten into Dr. Seuss the last few months and decided upon these costumes in August I believe. They were super easy to make also! I picked up red sweatshirts from the thrift store for $2 and added the circles myself. A quick sew and some textile ink and the shirts were done! We searched and searched for blue wigs this year and found none. Two days before trick-r-treat, Mr. {D} had a great idea to use these hats! Fabulous idea!


Christopher And Tia said...

I feel like a failure at life right now, because I just cannot remember who Thing 1 and Thing 2 are?

Whether I know who they're supposed to look like or not though, they look great!

Kunklebaby said...

Haha-Thanks! They are the little creatures that The Cat in the Hat brings with him.