We are getting snowed in again here in Ohio. Lots of snow falling since yesterday afternoon. All the city schools are closed for a snow day, so we are too. My husband thinks it's silly that we have snow days when the kids are homeschooled, but snow days are fun for everyone!! A little break from the expected!

With the total lack of color going on outside, I needed a color fix inside! I made these new curtains and a rug for our kitchen last Friday. I love how they brighten up the space and make me feel more cheerful and warm!

The curtains are made with a sunny, Heather Ross print. I've been saving this one for over a year and finally cut into it. Heather Ross announced on her blog she will be doing a new line of some of her retired fabric prints with Spoonflower! I CAN'T wait!

-Please ignore my sink full of dihes and messy counters!!-


Sarah said...

Fun and cheery! I'm ready for spring!

tscrapper said...

Love the rug! Was it easy to make?

Kunklebaby said...

Yeah, it was pretty simple. I cut the Strips all to the sIze I wanted [which took the most time]. They were then sewn together. Afterwards the green pieces were sewn to the top and bottom.

Now the top just needed joined with the back. There is a layer of batting in the center and it's backed with a heavy weight home decor fabric. I added a few decorative stitches to hold the batting in place and I was done! :d