Happy Valentine's Day!

I finally finished the kids embroidered dolls- on Saturday night at 11pm! Just in time. The front pieces were embroidered over the past few weeks. Once complete they are backed with a coordinating fabric and then stuffed like a pillow. Add a few stitches to seal them up and your done!

We also made little mailboxes for the kids from pretty scrapbook paper to hold our handmade cards. [yes, my husband actually helped!] It was fun making something with him, and the kids were thrilled to play with them all day on Sunday...well inbetween eating cupcakes, brownies and candy! I think they ate more "goodies" in one day than they have their whole lives! It was a nice special thing for them.

It was really fun, and the kids love their dolls. A great gift idea if you plan ahead and have the time. I'm glad I started these when I did, or they would not have been finished. Lots of time, but lots of smiles from the kids when they got them too! So worth it!

My sister got me the cool girls pattern as an early [2months early!] birthday gift. Thanks little sister!! You can get your own -here-
The little cowboy and batboy pattern can be found on Badbird's blog.

Fun little paper mailboxes made from this easy & quick tutorial! Also a placemat for Daddy-couldn't share that one earlier cause he peeks here from time to time!


Sarah said...

These are great! I'm sure they will be cherished for many years to come.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

they are gorgeous!!!!

Kunklebaby said...

Thank you both!

Karen said...

Those are really adorable! I am starting a log to keep track of all the wonderful ideas I can never think of myself! That way, I can remember to do something ike this next year.