This morning

The kids woke up to a surprise this morning.Sitting on the couch waiting for them, was three new baby doll blankets. The kids have been playing with the dolls a ton lately. It makes me excited because it's been helping {L} get used to "baby things". Playing gently, holding babies, all that goodness. He's by nature, not the gentlest child. He's been the "baby" for almost 2 years now, so I think it's going to be a little bit of a transition for him!

The funny thing about these dolls is they are always clothes free. All the other stuffed animals and dolls in the home are routinely changed in gowns and costumes, but these 3 dolls-never! If I put anything on them, I'll find them shortly back to basics-lol. Little {L} actually took offense to his doll being covered up and quickly yanked that blanket right off!

Also on a side note: After 2 weeks, {L} is completely potty trained during the day [at home]. We've been snowed in and have not ventured out of the house lately, so I'm sure "outings" will be a different story. He still wears a diaper to bed, but undies all day! I'm keeping my fingers crossed to have him as close to completely potty trained as possible, before the baby arrives. [he'll be turning 2 years old, a month prior]. Lots of praise and potty songs have been sung this week for him! He's a proud boy, and I'm a happy, proud mama!! YAY!


Sarah said...

Cute little blankets. I think being snowed in is the perfect time to potty train. My three year old loves going in the bathroom whenever we are out (he is just nosey but it makes for no accidents!) so, hopefully your little guy will be the same way!

Christopher And Tia said...

Yay for the successful potty training!!

And those are VERY cute blankies.