The Ohio State Fair

We spent the weekend at the Ohio State Fair. Going to the fair is one of my favorite summer activities. I look forward to it every spring, in eager anticipation. I loved the fair before I had kids, dragged along hubby[who was only boyfriend at the time] several times each year. Now that we have kids, I have a few more people, chanting with me, YAY the fair! While Daddy rolls his eyes and groans. Just like my little brother hates the zoo, Daddy hates going to the fair. He quotes the same reasons, the heat, the walking... I just don't understand! Who hates these thing? Every year we win and go 1-3 times, despite his protest for just ONCE this year. Look at all the fun we had! How could you not want to go back, say today? Hmmm, Dad?

A friendly 7 day old cow wanting to play! He was so cute!

Feeding Goats and a yak [yay] at the petting zoo. Look, they are both smiling!

The happiest baby is the world!

The kids--we fill out the whole board this year with the kids only.

Yellow submarine...nothing to do with the "fair" but so fun!

Baby Unicorn hanging out in the Moby wrap with mama-he slept most of the trip. This year marks his first year at the fair. [and yes, I may enjoy feeding the animals more than my kids-haha]


andrea creates said...

looks like you had fun!
my girls entered their drawings for the first time in our local fair.no wins but it was fun for them anyway :)
take care,

Monique said...

We are heading to the Ohio State Fair on Thursday! I am super excited, this is my second summer in Columbus and first summer going to the fair!

Emma Loura said...

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