Fall Harvest

We were celebrating these wonderful kids of mine over the weekend, with a fall harvest birthday party. What could be better for November? We had hot soups, warm homemade breads, yummy veggies and lots of goodies-apple pie, and my favorite banana cinnamon cake. The best part for me was, a [then] six & seven year old decided on the theme. Classic, fun & so something this mama wanted to plan. It was a nice, little gathering of close family & friends. The kids had a great day and so did their mama.

This year was so different than last. Over the weekend, I realized just how thankful I am for so many things. Last year was the sickest, most difficult year in the history of our family. Right around this time we had already had numerous ER, doctor and urgent care visits, with more sick days than I can even say. I was a tired, drained mama, just trying to pull everything together and keep up some happy spirits among us. While we haven't hit winter yet {prime sick time}, I am so grateful for the past few months of relative health & happiness we've enjoyed. Autumn has been so wonderful this year! I'm feeling re-energized & so very happy. Happy Birthday kids! Thank you for making my life so full of love & laughter-you're the best!

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