sick day

We had a sick day here today. Three of the four kids home with coughs & colds. It's kind of a miracle that they all got sick at once. This NEVER happens. Normally it takes weeks for a simple cold to get through our ranks. Each one getting it just a few days after the last, with mama super sick as the grand finale. Typically, by then, the kids have long forgotten how yuckyy they felt, and mama gets no sympathy. Just laments on how boring it is without me to entertain, play with them. Ahh, motherhood. Not always a pat on the back. 

So far, it's just a little cold. Nothing that lots of extra kisses, snuggles, some warm chamomile tea & honey, can't cure in a few days. So, my day looked a little like this:

 Lots of little snuggle pals strewn through the house.

A pony fashion show, with live Fairy commentary. 

Lots of hair braiding & brushing.

One half of a pair, of knit socks completed. {in record time-yay}

Some yummy, homemade chocolate chip cookies & milk. {with almost licked clean plates}

Even with a sick bunch, it was a good day!

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