New Quilt

Just finished this for the baby & couldn't be happier. He's quickly outgrowing the baby blankets I've made him {gasp}. It's so strange to have his little feet... and legs, stick out of blankets that once {wasn't it just yesterday?} seemed enormous for his little body. {although to appease my sister here, I must say he was 9.5lbs at birth, so never "that" tiny.}

It is backed with a nice, soft, blue flannel and cotton batting = super warm, but not super heavy. I started & finished it in a few hours the other night. It's actually just a really cool fabric, ABC print {by designer, Jenn Ski} that I quilted. No sewing blocks at all. I'm really happy with the binding, and think the colors show showcase the print, perfectly. I subtly embroidered his name so that he will always know it is, 100% for him and only him. You need to remind fourth children of this sometimes, as they get lots of things that once belonged to the siblings.

This is one Christmas present ready to be wrapped up and put under the tree!

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Jessica said...

Such a fun quilt Jess! I love it. I've never seen that adorable fabric- it's perfect!