New Christmas Dress

Being the only girl, among a sea of brothers, does have it's perks sometimes. Like, when Mama is sewing and would just LOVE to make another dress! I am so lucky my daughter is a girlie-girl and loves dresses. With three boys, she is my only chance at getting to dew really cute, sweet girl things. I'd love her just the same if she was a tom-boy, but I adore her love of dresses & frill.

I love my boys just as much, but there are only so many pants & t-shirts you can make before needing a dress fix. This little girl is as sweet as the candy on her dress. She's the resident peacekeeper, always getting along with everyone... and with a smile and giggle too. She loves dresses, especially one's made by Mama. I just love her so much! She'll be rocking this little number straight through to the New Year. {wow 2011 went by quickly!} Shhh, she has an equally cute one waiting patiently under the Christmas tree for her.

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