Little bits of Christmas Past

Christmas has officially landed here. I have to say, not a minute too soon for me! I LOVE Christmas. I find it has a magical feeling about it. I feel energized, optimistic, and overall so lucky for the amazing people in my life. It's also a time I am reminded of those I have lost in this life. Holding little trinkets that they once held in their hands, this time every year. Putting special ornaments on the tree that I remember playing with when I was my children's age.

The magic is there, even for this silly 30 years old "adult". I get to experience the beauty & joy through my kids eye's all over again. My most prized decorations are those once owned by family & friends before me. I hope that they will grace the homes of my son's and daughter someday, along with the handmade items we've added to the mix. Someday, I want them to pick up an ornament and think, remember how Mom always loved this one best, or this silly thing, I remember making this with Mom. Sometimes trinkets are just a way to remind us to remember. Remember the great times, remember the bad. Keep the memories in your heart and hold on to the love that we have.

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