Cookie Day

We had a great weekend! I finished my Christmas shopping, I'm almost done with list of things to make, and I got to hang out with my little sister & niece. We fit a lot into one weekend, shopping, visits with cousins, zoo lights, cookie day and lots & lots of making of gifts. According to one excited, eight year old, we made 86 sugar cookies yesterday. He lost count of the toffee cookies and chocolate covered pretzels. I know his heart lies with those sugar cookies.

It's always this way, at this time of year. No matter how early I start planning ahead, we always have that final busy rush of activities. This year I'm just taking it one day at a time, enjoying the many things we are getting to do, and taking note of all the great, little things. The kids are beyond thrilled with the excitement of Santa's arrival, our first "snowfall" {a sprinkling of dust}, and making & wrapping of gifts. Doors have been shut in my face so many times this week, with a little voices coming from behind declaring,  STAY OUT! We are wrapping your presents!

Lots to do & lots to enjoy. I'm off to munch on some yummy chocolate covered pretzels now. Mmmmmm.

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