Made Monday

Today I can share a Christmas gift that's been gifted over the weekend. December is really hard for blogging. I'm making TONS of stuff, but can't show any of it, so I don't ruin the surprise.  I made this little bear for an ever so sweet little boy. 

I think he turned out pretty cool with jointed limbs that move & can be posed. He's obviously more of a display bear/ gentle play for that reason, but the moving button jointed, arms & legs are just too fun. I'm hoping to get another one made up for my daughter before Christmas in white fur fabric. It has a fair amount of hand sewing, but I think I might just have time.. maybe. I also need to make an entire quilt for the oldest, before Christmas. I have not one stitch completed on that, so we shall see. I do think it's really cute that he asked for two things this year: a weaving loom and a handmade quilt from Mama. That's my boy!

If you want to make your own little bear, he's made using the, Bjorn Bjornson pattern in Wee Wonderfuls, 24 dolls to sew & love. I've made a few of the dolls in the book and he's my favorite so far. He was easier than I thought he's be also. bonus!