Hats for Homeless

 Sickness is running wild through our house. Yucky, energy draining, fever and cranky kids sickness. It was a LONG weekend, and yes, I do realize it's Tuesday. {sigh} One ER visit and four little sick kids later, I didn't even start most of what I wanted to complete over the weekend. I'm feeling a little discourages and now sick myself. {oh, double sigh}

The one thing I did finish were these hats. I decided about a month ago this year I would make hats for one of the local homeless shelter. These are all children's hats. Right now they have several families with kids living there. Last year we donated some gently used, children's clothing, but this year I wanted to do something a little more special. Something that was made "just for them". Six was the number I decided on after a little thinking about what I "realistically" had time to do it in. I also wanted to make it a little more special for my children. Something they would remember. They watched mama work hard to finish these, always telling them they were for children with no homes. It opened up so much to talk about with them while my needles clicked away.

Six was chosen because there are six members of our family.  The kids were suddenly awaken to the idea that kids, in this country, in this state, so very close to home... have no homes. I feel an overwhelming pain thinking about the parents. I'm sure not one of them ever thought,looking down at their sweet newborns,  someday my baby will be without a home. In no way do I think the hats are somehow magically altering their lives, it's just a little thing that I could do. I just hope it helps to keep them warm in our frigid Ohio winter.  Remind them that people out there still care! Each hat has a tag that says, "handmade, special JUST for you!".

The charity's are always saying how much hats, gloves & coats are needed. If anyone is looking to help out, please consider donating to your local homeless shelters. The items don't need to be expensive, handmade or even new. Every day we have a chance to help others, this is just my little way right now.

I'm exciting to be sending these off to their new owners tomorrow!

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andrea creates said...

very sweet hats~i;m sure their recipients will appreciate them :)

hope you all get well soon!