Busy hands

I've been keeping my hands busy to help quiet my mind lately. I've been feeling like I have not been "really" getting anything done, but when I see these all together here, it's much more than I realized. several others I've finished are not even here. 

I finally summoned the strength to cut into some of my most beloved {and expensive}, Heather Ross prints. I've been hoarding  saving, some for years now. I have no issue using making beautiful, expensive fabrics for Kunklebaby, or my children. The difference is I cut into these for me. I'm going to make a nice, cozy, throw quilt for me, and only me. Maybe a few pillows for my bed too. It's strange to think, I'd never spend as much money on a blanket as this one will cost. The fabric was a gift from my lovely husband... who I'll admit every once in awhile actually listens to me talk about silly things like fabric designers and the current trendy colors, or animals.

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andrea creates said...

have to make something nice for ourselves once in awhile too :)
i love those heather ross prints!