I'm feeling so grateful for my family today, So grateful for their strength and humor over the past few months.  I find strength in our unity and the helps to push me along when I need prodding. Everyday I look at these four little souls that I helped create and feel so lucky to get to know them, hold them, be important to them. The baby has started saying, I love you Mama. Always at just the right moment, without warning or desire to earn something. His sweetness is never lost on me.

I struggle with February, each year. The time seems to crawl along. Little light, many hours of darkness in the day-this year filled with rain. Some days I lack the strength to look ahead to the brighter, sun filled, warm days of spring that creep closer each hour. Silly little things become huge annoyances and issues to me this month. I have to constantly remind myself to breathe and focus. Things I would ignore any other time of the year, start to pick & pull at my psyche and eat away at the core. Children get tired of being cooped up in the house and start to agitate each other out of boredom. Mama's nerves are grated thin this time of year.

The past two weeks I think I've done a good job at keeping ahead of the tiredness of winter, {especially this non-snow filled one} that always arises. I've tried to minimize the tension with lots of laughs, silliness with the kids, and dancing. Dancing always lightens the mood.  The baby just started potty training this week. That alone has kept my hours filled with chasing after him, reading crouched on the bathroom floor for what feels like hours, and jumping up & down in excitement with my proud boy.

While February will never be my favorite month, this one has definitively been one of the easiest for me. I have so much to be thankful for and have made that my current focus...  but Spring, I really can't wait till you arrive. We're old friends, I miss you. Text me so I know you're on your way soon enough.

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