Yesterday was a perfect day. It's been awhile since I had such a great day, just hanging out with the kids. We started the morning with some much needed, good new at therapy {and cookies}. That was followed by some impromptu, running in the falling snow at the park. The beautiful, fluffy, snowflakes descending on our tongues & hats. It was peaceful, and warmed my heart to see the boys so happy and giggling.

I've really missed the snow this year, and what better day to arrive than Valentine's Day. Lots of snuggles with the little ones to warm up tiny, cold toes and fingers, after our outdoor fun. After the older kids and Dad arrived from work and school, we quickly got to exchanging our handmade Valentines. The kids worked so hard on them this year {behind closed doors. no peeking mama}, and I was surprised and delighted by each and every one. pure love. I couldn't ask for a better day or a better family!

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