Weekend Knitting

 Spent the weekend keeping my hands busy & trying to keep my mind calm. Battling with strep, colds and lots of blahhh here. I have NEVER got through so many hats in such a short time period, even in kids sizes.  Sometimes when things are just all going all a little wrong, I need something concrete... something real to do. Something that I can see and hold and work through from start to finish. Often I finding reading comforting, but even that was escaping me this weekend. Maybe it means knitting, just a silly thing like a hat, but it allows me to have control over something when sometimes there is no control to be had anywhere else.

Our lives the past month has been a series of unfortunate events, one after another, after another. Sick kids, family issues, identity theft. .today Little {L} cut off his nail and part of his finger. Yeah, fun stuff like that. One after another, I think I may have an army of handknits when this spell ends. I'm keep my head high, for as crappy as things have been, there are FAR worse things out there. Things that I hope never brush against our doorstep. I have hope that "any day now".... hear that universe? ANY day now things will turn around for the better!

The hats are a mix of gifts for family & friends, and one to be sent off to the homeless shelter. I'm trying to get a few more children's hats finished for the shelter, while it's still pretty cold {we have awhile in Ohio still}. My favorite, is the one I'm wearing in the picture {although I really like the bloom at the top of the green one too}. Who knows, I may have ten more favorites by the time I'm done this month.

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