We finally have some snow again. It's "some" as in the most basic, barely there idea, but it does cover the whole ground. {that counts, this winter} Last year was full of snow days, driving trips to school that I gritted my teeth through, more snow days, snowmen, snowballs, snow days with hot cocoa, and all the fun that comes with snow. This year, not so much. Growing up in Cleveland, I never imagined a day I would ever wish for more snow, but it's arrived. I want just enough to cover up the muddy yards and brighten the gray days. {Please}

Little {L} is healing up well. The pain from is unfortunate accident has subsided a bit. Now we are juts left with an extra active kid, overly anxious to get rid of those silly bandages, and jump around. While it has been a little work reminding him to keep them on, I am thankful. Last year at this time, they would have lasted a whole 3 minutes {maybe} and the next few weeks I would have spent tearing my hair out over him breaking them open and re-injuring them. He's made a lot of progress since last year with his speech and temperament.  I'm so proud of him and how hard he's working. It's been a drastic change for the best for our family!

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