Every so often, I stumble upon the kids playing to sweetly, or creatively that I feel as if my heart will burst with love. Seeing them act kindly with each other, when earlier they were battling. Helping each other, just because, no incentive or rewards mapped out. Watching them paint and draw and describe their imaginary worlds and dreams. These are the moments I want to savor. They are founds woven throughout the daily rhythms of our lives-sprinkled here and there for color. Treasured.

I found my daughter fast asleep the other day with her dolls still all lined up for their party of tea and cookies.    A small glimpse into her little world. My daughter, my only daughter-so very grown, but still so small. I wanted to collect her in my arms and rock her, like so many times in the early years of her life. I miss her sweet little face, all round with baby fat. Her pigtails bouncing around as she sings & goes about her daily life of play. I miss homeschooling and having all my children at my side every moment of the day. Her little laugh echoing through the house. So much of our time right now involves shuffling kids to and from school, therapy, errands.... life. I am once again reminded to slow down, take a deep breathe and live in the moment. Before I know it she will be 15, and I will be thinking back on this moment. Thinking of her as littler still, my little Sleeping Beauty, growing up faster than this Mama likes to admit.

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Sourire11 said...

that is adorable. This post caused me to tear up... man. It goes so quick!