We have been working on some fun new gifts. The kids made these for their grandmother. {D} made an embroidered carrot [above] and a little hand sewn pouch to keep necklaces.

{M} was hard at work on a ladybug. Embroidering with the children is really rewarding. It's something that they can work on for an afternoon and finish. They can draw their own patterns to follow or just do something free hand. Whatever they are in the mood for. I help them thread the needle and with little things along the way, if they ask. They are super proud of their work and I am super proud of the! It helps with hand-eye coordination and with sitting still. Sometimes it's hard for little one's to be quite and still for long-in any situation.
I enjoy the peaceful, quite time together. We sit and chat- {m} often sits on my lap while working. The kids have this amazing desire to learn and know everything. They ask the most interesting questions when quietly working.

Finished! It will now to be sewn into a pillow.

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