Summer Weather!

The roses are blooming, the plants are growing in the garden, seeds are sprouting, kids running-plenty of simple fun to be found in the yard.

It's so fun to watch {L} experience everything for the first time. The other day while planting, he was really interested in the dirt and mud. I gave him a clump so he could feel the texture and weight. He took a GIANT bite! With a mouthful of mud, he ran off. After chasing him and having to extract the dirt [yes, you'd think he would spit it out-no] he has a dirt smile for the next hour.

It's silly memories like that I cherish. Taking the time to stop and think what is really important is so useful. Sometimes when life seems difficult this will help us realize things are not bad after all!

We value the time we have together more than any objects, or a bigger house. We don't need more stuff, just each other. I think Summer is a great time for this. Children can play with grass, bugs, dirt-lol. It's the time and experience that makes it fun, not stuff!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! We will be visiting the Columbus Arts Fest. So many great artists showcased there and a HUGE section for kids to create and interact. They have a tent for the kids to purchase art donated by the artists. It's so awesome. Only kids are allowed inside and the most expensive pieces are $5. This starts the love of art early! My kids are always THRILLED to bring home their very own original art. [Mama too].
One of my favorite events in the city....and in a few weeks, Comfest! YAY!!

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