I am so excited to have our plants in the ground. We have been so busy lately, that we have not had time to plant yet this year. It feels good to know the plants are nestled into their summer homes!

Besides home grown veggies being delicious, I think it's really important to teach the kids where food comes from. They now understand it takes time and work to keep the plants growing and healthy. It's been wonderful watching them grow through the years and contribute more and more to the care & upkeep of the garden. When they were smaller, they started out just helping mama water. Last year they helped plant, water, pick and weed the garden. This year they are getting their very own area's to take care of all on their own. They are super excited, and honestly so am I. I look forward to the time when {L} can start helping too.
This year, if all goes well, we will have 8 different kinds of tomato's, peppers, carrots, swiss chard, cucumbers, garlic and carrots and multiple herbs-yum!

Helping out by keeping out of trouble! The best help of all-haha. Look at that sweet grin!

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