Presents for Daddy

Over the weekend, my lovely husband turned 30!! He was totally not into his birthday this year. Hitting 30 was a milestone, he would have rather skipped-haha.

I tried to make it special by making all his gifts. The kids made these cool pen holders for him. They are always asking what he has on his desk at work and if he thinks about them while gone. It was a super easy, fun project! The base is empty soup cans that would have gone into the recycle bin. They use a very small amount of fabric and you could even use repurposed fabric with great results and minimal $!

I found the tutorial while browsing through flick a few months back. My children had been playing in the room with me. They happened to look over my shoulder an see the pen holders. {M} immediately said, "I wanna make that for Daddy!! Pleeeease."

So we started saving cans, much to the dismay of family and my husband. He asked several times, "Just how many cans do you think you guys need...to...make stuff?"
He was excited about the finished product when he saw them.
Want to make your own? Check out the easy tutorial "here".

Happy Birthday Mike!! May the next year hold great things for you!

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