To Market, to Market

Farmers's Market season is coming to a close. I'm so ridiculously sad this year! We were able to do 80% of our shopping there over the past few months. Add a few gallons of milk weekly and we were set. We could stock up on flour and pasta in one trip and have to go to the "actual" store shopping only every 2-3 weeks. I'd send my husband to pick up milk, bananas & diapers and we were set. Let me tell you, it's been AMAZING! We've also been able to spend less than we typically do at the store for a higher quality, fresher foods.

With a house full of vegetarians, we go through a ton of fresh fruit & vegetables each week. I love that my kids have met the farmers that raise the chickens that lay the eggs they eat for breakfast. They can ask the farmers a questions about their food, directly and get an immediate response. I love letting them pick out new foods at the market and being able to ask right then, "Ummm... How do I make.. uhh this thing? What is this?". I love organic food, especially at at non-organic prices.

It's been a great season and we've made it to the big market every Saturday [except one. I sure was sorry that week!]. We also found another market to attend on Thursday night that gives us a few extra days of food before the weekend. -plus the best corn I've ever tasted is sold there.

I'm looking forward to the next few weeks where we will stock up on apples for apple mash, applesauce, apple pie and just tasty, fresh raw apples. Yummmmmm!

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