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Getting close to Craftin Outlaws. It's this Saturday! I know--I'm excited just saying it!I feel like a happy, little elf getting ready for Christmas. Busy, busy! The past few days I've been finishing up some cool, new blankets- for the ladies & gents. The patchwork top pictured above may be my very favorite of all time. In person, the fabrics just sing together. I keep trying to find reasons to keep it. {alas, I have none so far}

Other than sewing like a madwomen, I've made a few gifts for friends & family too. We've spent lots of time baking with our many, many, many apples from the orchard. We've made apple cobblers, apple pies, apple sorbet, warm apple mash. I just need to finish up the applesauce & we are all done with that batch. Feels very much like fall here with the scent of fresh apples always baking in our home.

Better get back to sewing, so much to do, so little time. The countdown is on. {And anyone who knows me in person, knows I'm a huge procrastinating, pulling everything together just in time is my specialty.}

Ps... The second picture up there. Yes that one. Any of you get early bird pass for the show? If you did, check your bags. I sewed up a batch of mini-ornaments/ gift card holders just for you. If your shopping regular hours at the show I will have a small display of them on my table for the show, come by and pick one up.

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