Days Passing

Some days, are hard. Like, really, really hard. With a gang of children in the house, things get loud, laundry piles up, toys pile up, and arguments, ehh... erupt {sometimes often}. There is always a dish to wash {usually 20+} or clothes to fold. There is never a moment where we  think: there, now everything is done. There is always something to do. Sometimes I let that "something" take on too much power and it starts to overwhelm me. I get cranky, I cry, I pout, I go on marathon hat knitting sessions to block it out. I think today isn't goings so well, maybe I should go back to bed & try again tomorrow. While the idea is nice, the reality is, that's never an option. It's life- that's what it all comes down too. It isn't always pretty.

It's in those kinda days,  I really have to think about the good times! The times when no one is thinking about homework, speech therapy, laundry, the muddy dog that's waiting to be bathed. The moments where you catch a genuine smile dance across a childs face, hear them giggling together in play, teaching each other, or find a book they have been writing and illustrating that makes you smile. These are the moments that really matter! There are far more good times than bad. There is far more happiness than bickering. There is alotta love in our family. Sometimes I just need to remind myself. A quick reminder that tomorrow will come. Nothing lasts forever, good or bad. Take a deep breathe & smile!

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