One down...

I finally finished my daughters blanket. Hooray! I've been working on it for the last year. Honestly, it probably sat in the closet for 3-4 months of that time, while I worked on other things, but it's been a work in progress for quite sometime. This will be for her birthday gift and it's complete just in time. I'm going to love seeing it around the house. It's a gift I'm glad is staying here, for me to enjoy for awhile too. A lot of love & stitches went into it!

My hope is someday, she might use it with her own child. I'm probably just being overly sentimental, and the blanket will be long gone by then... but, I like to think of her snuggling a baby inside of it's wool. In the meantime since she's {ahem} six and all, and we have many, many years until that would ever happen, I hope she loves it, and snuggles herself tight in it's softness. She sometimes gets scared at night, I always tell her snuggling with a blanket I made her, is like having me there, hugging her through the whole night. She likes that. {I do too}

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Yasmin said...

What a gorgeous blanket you have made. I like the snuggling idea too.

Have a great weekend,