Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my very best friend. She's such an amazing person-kind, gentle, smart, thoughtful, fun, talented, a great mama, and "just" weird enough at times, that she always has me laughing. She's the only person in the world who can embarrass my husband {I LOVE it}.

She's the kind of friend everyone wants. The kind who brings you soup and knitting patterns {with the appropriate sized needles}, when ALL your kids are sick for what seems like weeks on end. She's the friend who sits for hours with you at a slow craft show, just so you don't have to be bored alone all day. The friend who loves your children like her own. She loves them equally, treating the negative just the same as the positive.  She's the friend I can find often hugging or kissing my children. The friend who loves you in college, even when you act like a jerk {1/2 the time}. She's the friend that see's goodness in everyone.

She is the friend who you could call in the middle of the night to babysit if necessary, with her asking only, your house or mine? The friend who "doesn't" think it's "weird" that you have four kids, and wishes you to have a few more... and bring them to her house to play! A friend I can cry with. A friend who I laugh with everyday. A friend I can rely on. A friend I trust and love. Thank you for being such a wonderful person. We love you Mary! Happy Birthday. May your year be filled with health & happiness!

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Chrisy said...

Happy birthday to Mary from this side of the globe! What a fabulous friendship you two have...what a gift you are to each other and to your families...and your photos...they're fabulous!