Fifteen Years

This weeks marks fifteen years together with my husband, and seven married. That's A LONG time! I met him when I was 15, so I have known him an equal time, as not known him. Next year, I'll have spent more of my life with him than without. {15 years with, 15 years without. crazy}

So much has changed for us in those fifteen years. When we met, we were just kids-high school sweethearts, naive and ready to take on the world together! I kinda feel like I grew up with Mike. All the important things I've gone through have been with him.We met in high school,  spent our college years together, started having babies, bought a house, and now we spend our time making our house a home.

There have been lots of ups & downs. Like, when we spent 2 months eating toast in college. Or,when I was raising two little one's at home, and he worked 80+ hour weeks. Only home long enough to catch a little sleep & kiss us before heading back to work. We were broke college kids together, without a car and living in crappy campus apartments with hand me down everything, and we thought we were living the life!. I look back of those days with such a sense of love & respect. We didn't have much, but we've always had each other, and that's what matters.

There have been so many great moments for us too. The day I graduated and thought, this is it. Our life together can start now. I'll never forget becoming a mother, our very first baby & looking over at his proud, smiling face. The moment he became not just a boy, but a father.  A father to OUR child. The day we purchased our home together, all giggly, excited and scared--feeling like we were officially grown ups now {which is really quite silly because we already had one child, and another one cooking}.

Most of all I enjoy the things that happen every year- Christmas morning, pumpkin picking at the patch, watching him rock my babies to sleep, the way he always tries to get out of helping plant the garden, then digs every single hole because I do it the "foolish" way. I love him quirks & all!

I can't wait to see what the next fifteen years brings for us!


cabin + cub said...

Congratulations! Hooray for 15 years! ;)

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