Mama's Day

As Mother's Day approached I had several things from childhood on my mind. Lately I've been reminded of how different my opinions have evolved over time, and the growth of my family. Nothing reoccurs more often lately, than the thought, "ooohhhh this is why my Mom was always annoyed about.... ". As a child I used to wonder what the big damn deal was with the laundry. Why was my mother always whining about it? I mean, seriously? You put clothes in a machine and then take them out-clean. The days of washboards and tubs is over! Now that I have my own brood of children to clean up after, I completely get it, Mom!

I never, ever got it until I was standing here in her shoes. Even as a young adult, I carried with me the idea that it was no big deal. Yeah, no big deal when all you are doing is your very own [minimal, one person] washing. Add 5 people to the mix and it's no so minimal anymore. With six people, the ratio of clean to dirty, folded to thrown in a basket & shoved in a room, isn't always in the favor I'd prefer.

Why can't kids seem to wear one outfit a day, or pick up THEIR dirty socks from the floor? Why can't they see it sucks to wash and FOLD 8,000 loads a week? Because plain and simple, they are kids. They will never get it and I now get that. I won't stop trying to have them to help out, but it's just part of childhood. The lovely selfishness that comes with it. The freedom to be who you are in the moment, good or bad. That in itself is amazing!

One day when they have their own little one's tossing shirts worn for five minutes into the basket, or better yet, a handful of clean clothes, that are then covered with one muddy, wet or otherwise gross item, thus rending everything now dirty, they will think to themselves. "Omg, Mom was totally right!" It makes me smile knowing, someday they will understand me, if not now. They will understand why sometimes, parents just need five minutes of QUIET on a car trip. Why we need kids to have a bedtime. Why we can't always do exactly what they want, all time. To my own mother--Thanks for putting up with me, Mom! To my own children. I love each & every one of you dearly! Thank you for keeping me on my toes & filling my days with laughter, sunshine, snuggles, and well lots & lots of laundry.  Play on kids!

Happy Mother's Day to all the hardworking, Mama's out there!

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