Oh Baby {J}, whenever I think of you the first thing that crosses my mind is pure love. You are THE sweetest boy. I am so madly in love with you. I'm enjoying the magic of watching you grow, explore and learn. You are an amazing, compassionate, smart boy for being so little still. You always seek to make others feel happy, whether with a hug or kiss, kind word or slap pat on the back, when you think we are choking {which is often}.

I love how your voice is so ridiculously deep for such a tiny guy. You give the best kisses, holding our faces so we are totally aware of you. As if we could not be. That mischievous spark that crosses your eye every once in a awhile, letting us know that you see EVERYTHING your siblings do... and you are going do it too. Right now my heart breaks when you miss your brothers and sister while they are away at school.  I know I have said it a million times, but I love, love, love your curls. They slay me-- seriously! Thank you for being so wonderfully fun and kind hearted. Thank you for squealing in delight when you see me, even if I've only been gone for five minutes or ran out to the car to grab something.

Thank you for being you-- it's perfect!

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andrea creates said...

what a cutie! happy birthday :)