Welcome May

 May is here! I'm so excited. May means, my baby will be turning two, school ends, and Farmer's Market season has begun. Yes! I'm not gonna lie, we go kinda crazy about the markets in my house. It's my goal to get as much as possible from local farmers and artisans- cause they are awesome! We eat so much cleaner when we can swing over to the weekend or mid-week market stop and pick up breakfast, lunch and dinner for a few days. No boxes, no processing- just yummy stuff made with warm sunshine. Last weekend was the first of the outdoor markets.

I was so silly excited, that we actually went to two. I HAD to go to the last winter indoor market to stock up with Honeyrun Farms, soap & raw honey. They have officially ruined bland, grocery store honey for me. As in, I don't think I can live without their Fall honey, now. Yummm! We add their bee pollen to smoothies, and honey to anything we can. I've used their baby soap on Baby{J}, almost his whole life and can't say enough good things about it. It works perfectly to keep his curls moisturized, but not weighted down too, without nasty chemicals touching his new skin.

Next, we were off to the very first outdoor market of season where we picked up some fresh eggs, organic potato's, radishes, delicious tomato's, a few plants for the upcoming planting weeks {I'm trying to pace myself}, worm casting for compost tea from One20Farms, and Ohio Maple Syrup.  I even got to use my new market basket {love}.

I love that my children are learning where their food comes from, while helping sustain the local economy and eating HEALTHY. It's a triple score. That said, every summer there are weeks that I wake up and don't feel like dragging along four kids through the busy market, but we do. There are weeks that I have to recite the benefits like a mantra in my head, just to keep from going insane as the children all dart in opposing directions at one. Overall those moments are fleeting and I am helping my kids gain knowledge, and life skills... totally worth it! even with the few short lived moments where I want to cry. 

So happy you are here May. 

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andrea creates said...

i love farmer's markets too :)