two and four.

Over the weekend, we celebrated the little guys in our house... or shall I say the not so little one's. Two and four now, not quite "really" big kids just yet, but definitively no longer babies! I couldn't be prouder of them both, but honestly, it was with a heavy heart as I watched my baby go from from one to two. Both in age and maturity. How can you suddenly be learning color and to count already? How did theses years pass so quickly? I want to hold onto every last bit of baby days. Every bit of baby fat and little chubby feet. Every goodnight story and eighteen kisses before they are ready for bed, moments.

I know far to well, this slippery slope. One to two today, tomorrow I will be pondering how he turned seven, eight, nine.... The days pass slowly sometimes, but the years in a flash. If I could just freeze them here for a little while longer, enjoying every little giggle and new delight in the world around them. Happy Birthday Boys! You are MY sunshine! I hope you both had a wonderful celebration.


Sourire11 said...

Beautiful photographs and happy birthday to your boys! It really does go by fast...

Jayne Barnes said...

Such pretty pictures! (I love the one with the red boots). And the cakes too, wow!