Weekending, and a little mud.

 I had plans of getting the last bit of the garden planted Saturday while the baby slept. {yes, the not really a "baby" anymore, but I can't stop calling "the baby", baby} It seems the kids had other plans. While I was finishing up the raised beds, the children played in the sprinkler-so I thought. What they were really doing was creating the mother of all mud pits. It's funny how kids can do things you don't even realize while they are 10 feet away. It started with a few mud pies, I heard that happening. Next the kids were a little messy. Next glance they were COVERED in mud. What does every mother do at that point? Grabs the camera!!

So much for my idea of planting. Even in the 90 degree heat, the mud never dried that day {or came close}. Was it worth putting off the planned gardening? OH YES! They were so silly, giggling and having such a great time. A little mud and laughter, never hurt anyone! If it meant I never get that plot planted, it would have been worth it. I'm off to finish planting, and maybe break out some spray paint today.

Happy Memorial Day everyone. I'm so looking forward to this summer!

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