Hip Hip Hooray, it's Wednesday! I'm looking forward to a relaxing end of the week here. It seems this time every year the hustle & bustle starts to get to me. I want to be out in the sunshine, playing with my kids, with no daily to-do list. Ummm... well, that never "actually" happens. I do have four kids and a husband after all. I would need a nanny, cook and housekeeper, gardener to make that a reality, and then I'd be far too bored. 

I do look forward to the simpler days ahead. The calmness and free rhythm that Summer brings. Having done both traditional public school and homeschool with the kids, I'm really starting to miss the homeschooling. I love, love, love their current school. Mostly I miss all the time together that homeschooling afforded us. Both methods have their good and bad qualities. No, there isn't a move back towards homeschool happening here, again. I'm looking forward to the freedom of summer. Long afternoons lying in the grass watching the clouds with the children, parks full of happy toddlers and their new puppies, tending the garden and watching the flowers grow and blossom. Sleeping in... please, just a couple times kids? 

I'm feeling a little ho-hum and lackadaisical theses days. Just drifting through, not much inspiration to sew, or create or clean. Just looking ahead with a countdown flashing brightly in my eyes. Only a few more weeks. I feel like I am the one in school again, watching the clock tick away slower & slower at the last hour of the day.  Freedom awaits us. Smile brightly. 

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