strawberry fields

I was reminded today of the need for rest. The need for play, adventure and fun. We spent the beginning of the day lounging around a messy house. The kids were cranky, Mom & Dad were cranky. It wasn't turning out to be a rather joyful or relaxing day. Mounds of laundry and dishes awaited us. I did what every Mom does at that point, and headed to the computer to read some blogs. {everyone does this right? haha}

A rather impromptu decision after reading Honeyruns Farm's post this afternoon, sent us out to the strawberry field & out for flowers. {Yes, hum the Beatles song in your head... now} Best decision of the day! After quickly loading some grumpy, arguing kids into the car, the family mood instantly lightened. That's the crazy thing about adventures with no rules or preconceived idea's about what's going to happen. I find, with no rules, we are never disappointing. Happiness is easy to achieve. After lots of mapquest and a few thanks for gps, we arrived. At the strawberry field, the children were delighted to find a toad, play with two giant, sweet as can be Great Danes, pick 9lbs of strawberries, and chug some lemonade after enduring the heat of the day. We ended with a quick stop for flowers, at the pick your own flower garden. The couple who owned the garden rode by on bikes, with friendly smiles & waves. It was delightful to see such a cute couple.

Riding home I was reminded of the reason I wanted a family to begin with. This was it, these were the moments I envisioned years ago. The laughter, car full of singing children, arm full of flowers and smiling Mama. I am living my dream, and feeling so blessed.

Berries are from Wright's Pickaway Farm. Flowers: Blossom on the Bend.

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Jayne Barnes said...

I'm so glad we were able to inspire you! Bill and Nancy Heskett, who own Blossoms at the Bend, go to our church, and they are such a great couple. Aren't all the flowers so amazing? I think I want to go back again this week, cause I don't have many flowers blooming right now. Next time you need to come on over to our house! (we are just north of Williamsport). We've got a great deal on soap in the farmstand! (3 bars for $10)