Easter is on it's way! I can't wait until the tree's start turning green and small whispers of blossoms appear. Since he have not quite reached that point here in Ohio, these colorful eggs will fill the void until they appear. I had so much fun making these!

Since the baby is far too young for candy, he will be getting these in his basket and hidden through the house. Once I started making them I just could not stop. They use up lots of tiny scraps that were too small to make much with.

I'm in love with the idea that they will be a new part of our Spring decorations for years to come. When the kids get older they can say remember when we had pants in this fabric, or this came from my old, worn hat.

Waiting to be decorated in bright, spring colors! I love the thinking about what a material "could" become. I spend a lot of time ironing fabric just imaginging what diffrent things that exact piece could become. It's part of the magic for me. I find inspiration in the process. It's both relaxing and creative for me. My husband on the other hand...just thinks I am ironing fabric for far too long.

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