Today I am dreaming of finding the time to finish all my 1/2 completed projects.

Many are just in the cut fabric stage. There is a shirt and shorts set for the baby, new placemats for the bigger kids, pillows for the couch, the ever ambitious duvet for our queen bed, summer skirts for me, summer dresses for [M], some shorts for [D], along with his huge list of things he wants me to make or teach him to make, a flower girl dress, embroidered wedding gift......and then the 4,001 things I have to finish for the Eco-Chic show, in just a few short weeks.

All I need is 3.5 more hours a day, or the ability to not sleep-haha. I already stay up 1/2 the night as it is, I just need to do it with out breaking down by the weekend.

Meanwhile, [L] and I are working on weaning. He is NOT happy! His unhappiness is making me reconsider the need to wean right now. I have been introducing him to cow's milk, but after a year of mama milk, it is NOT cutting it for him. He takes a sip and looks at me, as if to say, "You have GOT to be kidding me, lady". So we'll see where it goes. Right now we are still nursing for naps and bedtime, but have cut out the shorter feedings that he had throughout the day.

For now, I am just going to push on with what we have been doing...and stock up on lots and lots of coffee! Off to the doctor today. [L] is getting his very first vaccinations today. Poor guy!

Enjoy your day!

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