Places I've Lived

My Very First Place
After moving out of the dorm, I moved into an apartment with my husband [then boyfriend] and my friend Mary. I spent the first night in the apartment alone. After all the boxes were moved and the truck unloaded, my husband had to go to Cleveland. Mary was in Texas, visiting her family.

I was scared being in the new place, and overwhelmed with all the boxes and stacks of furniture. I decided to make the bed and call it a night. The sheets were on and the pillows fluffed. I was getting ready to call the dog into bed to snuggle with me. Across the room I saw her move and there touching her nose [nose to nose] was A MOUSE!!! Bowie was all calm, checking him out as if to say "Hello, neighbor!", and then I started screaming. In an instant she was up ready to defend me....except she could not figure out the danger. She ran in a quick circle, finally just frozen in front of me. The mouse ran away, scared of the noise, and I spent the next hour crying on the phone to my then, 9 year old brother.

A few days later, the little mouse met my cat....and that was that!

The Sniblet Family from Yoborobo

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