Reflections of a Year

This week marks the one year point in [L]'s life. I can't believe how much our lives have changed in the past year! I feel like a completly diffferent person. The time is passing so quickly, I am afraid I am missing things each day. [D] is starting school next year, which is insane. It feels like I was just pregnant with him. How did he manage to grow so fast. [M] is so interested in learning and [L] is changing tons each day!
The past few months I have really tried to focus on "now". What is happening each day and each hour. I used to spend way to much time thinking about the future and how I would have changed the past that I was missing out on the present-the most importatnt time!

In the past year I have realized:
I am stronger than I ever though - I am sometimes less patient - I miss my family - Everyday holds magic - Watching my children smile, is pure happiness - I have almost everything I ever wanted in life- I am an overachiever - I have an unrealistic expectation that my kids have the perfect life- There is nothing more important in this world than the relationship I have with my kids and husband - I love watching to see what color [L] & [M]'s eye will be on any given day - [D] needs me - I need to find more time for myself - I am not, and cannot be perfect - events matter more than things - sometimes I am lonely - my daughter wants to be just like me - my son wants to do everything I do - I am devoted to [L] - Life happens whether we are active in it or not.

Happy birthday [L]!! Thank you for adding your silliness and charm to our family. Everyday gets more fun watching you grow into the great man you will one day become. You are spirited, strong, silly, charming, tough, and ever so sweet.

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