I've been working on some new journals/notebooks. I love giving these as gifts.
They can be personalized to the individual! Kids like to use them to create their very own drawing books. Adults can use them from anything to actual journal to writing grocery and to do lists in them. I always have a few extras on my desk.
Start by selecting paper of your choice. You can use patterned cardstock, or use plain and decorate with stamps and stickers. I also like to use little bits of cool stuff I have laying around, like old card fronts or cool pictures I saved.

Select paper for the inside. This can be anything you choose-plain computer paper, lined, scrap, recycled, junk mail. ANYTHING! Cut them to size to match the cover. Fold your inside and outside papers in the center.

Next you want to stitch them together. Select a long stitch on your machine and follow the crease you made when folding.
Your Done!!
For an extra fun touch, I made a pocket envelope from an old book above. A great way to use books that have seen better days, but still have usable pages. Frame them, make boxes with them, or envelopes. Fun and green.


figgys said...

your blog looks great and this is a great idea!

Kunklebaby said...

Thank you! :D