Big Man on Campus

I have never seen a more excited boy! Little {L} started preschool last week. We've been on the waiting list for the school located in his therapy center. When we received the call that they had an sudden opening, we jumped on it. He's made so much progress with his speech therapy so far, and this is just seeming to add just the right "extra" to his self esteem. I'm watching him bloom right before my eyes it seems. It's.... amazing!

I could not be happier for him, and at the same time a little sad. Neither of the older two children attended preschool, they have late birthday's so didn't start kindergarten until almost six years old. Then, we homeschooled for 2 years. {L} seems so little in comparison, but I already know it'd the right thing for him. Funny how we can birth, and raise children in the same way, but their own "person" needs always shine bright. I love that individualism!!

A few weeks into school and he LOVE it. Like jump out of bed and ask if it's a school day loves it. His little brother is desperately missing him asking over & over, "Where's L!!?" At school baby, remember? He promptly follows the response with asking 400 times, "why?". It's been nice to get in a little extra solo time with my baby though. He's growing faster than a weed, and soon I will be asking, "but why?" when he's off at school.

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