Playing at the park

 This past weekend was ALL about family time. I was loving it so much. Every once in a while, I nee dit. Just a weekend with no plans. Nothing we "have" to get to. Just hanging out, enjoying the company of each other. Sadly, these kind of weekends don't happen as often as I'd like. We always spend them together, but they are often filled with errands, birthday parties, trips to the grocery store and laundry. Ohhh man, am I gonna to moan catching up on the laundry this week. Funny thing are relaxing weekends, they accumulate lots of messes while in progress.

Over the weekend I was feeling so blessed. I'm so lucky to know and love, each of the children in our brood. Each has their own little qualities and quirks that delight {and sometimes drive me mad}. I love knowing when I wake up each day, I will hear, "I love you Mama". That my day will be filled with kisses and baby hands holding me tight. Right now I want to capture every little expression, and giggle, the little one's make and lock it away tight so I can revisit them at whim. They are growing faster and faster as the days pass. I watch the older kids and wish for the sweet unquestioning love they had for me while younger. I sigh and know they are growing and with that comes independence and questions and rebelling. {It does make my heart ache a little though} I want to hold onto to the lasting moments with the smaller ones while it still exists strong and free.

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