Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Son! You are such a bright, energetic, sweet soul! You have taught me so much about patience, and kindness, in our four years together. The first moment I held you in my arms, I felt like I'd known you forever. I was so smitten with you as a baby, those amber, honey colored eyes and mischievous smirk. I couldn't take my eyes off you- watching you nurse, watching you sleep, just watching, and waiting to see who you'd be. What you would like, interests, dislikes. You always know what you want,  typically running on extremes. Hot or cold, night or day- but on your terms.You struggled to be heard for years, and when you finally were, I was shocked at how much you had to say. The depth of your knowledge and thoughts was immense. How intrigued you were with us, and the world around you. Such deep, deep thoughts for a little, little boy.

I'm still watching, and waiting to see who you become tomorrow, and the day after. I'm proud to call you my son, and love you more as each day passes.

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